Hand to God

Sept 20 - Oct 15, 2017

Furiously funny… Askins’ most impressive talent is his ability to make us laugh while juggling those big themes that make life so terrifying...
— Variety


He’s the most vengeful, foul-mouthed, ruthless creature to ever release a reign of terror in Cypress, Texas… he’s also a hand puppet.  Tyrone has come to life to expose this devoutly religious southern town’s deepest secrets from the hand of Jason, a meek teen who finds himself joining his Fundamentalist Christian Church’s Puppet Ministry.  Jason’s complicated relationships with the town pastor, the school baddass, his crush, and—most especially—his mother are thrown into comedic upheaval when Tyrone takes on a shocking and unfiltered personality all its own.  Through hilarious unspoken truths Tyrone satirically brings to light the flaws in their logic causing them to question their lives.  “The thing about a savior is you never know where to look. Might just be the place you saw the devil before.”